International transport and freight forwarding

The highest quality of services is our priority. We have been with you for 30 years straight. Land transport is based on punctuality and regularity. Clean and professional JUMBO transport is our thing.

Your Jumbo Partner in Europe!

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With us, you can carry more

Our special tandem, long-tested across millions of kilometers
of 7,7 + 7,7 m / 3 m height/ 2,5 m width designed by us

It is not a coincidence that our units are often used as units of choice for JUMBO transport. It took us several years to develop our transport capacity to perfection, and that is how today we can offer services that place us among the European leaders in this area.

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recipe for a perfect carrying capacity:

7,7 + 7,7 / 3 / 2,5

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neat drivers

international transport and
freight forwarding support

modern and ecological,
recognizable fleet

Over 30 years with you

We are a company built on the foundations of family trust and engagement into building common wellbeing. We have been operating on the market for 30 years now, growing and tailoring the offer to our customers’ expectations, in relation to the frequently changing regulations and economic conditions.

We started our business over 30 years ago, during systemic transformation, without any fleet or experience. It did not take long to build it, just as it quickly turned out that customers appreciate our engagement.

We reminisce about the beginnings of our business with a smile on our faces, but also with humility. We have not always had it easy. We have experienced everything that could be experienced, both good and bad, and that is the best lesson we could have ever had.

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We are the solution to the transport needs of companies which value high-quality services as well as occupational hygiene and esthetics. Start working with a leading freight forwarder!

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Freight forwarding and international transport

Our offer of transport planning and execution is ALWAYS tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

We take into consideration loading and unloading capacities, trying to transport almost everything. We will also organise other means of transport if our fleet is not adapted or if the load requires professional transport and logistics services.

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We can get everywhere

It is possible thanks to a modern and ecological fleet. Our vehicles are not only extremely capacious, but they also ensure transport over clean kilometers across Europe. We will get everywhere, just because we can!

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Why us?

The answer is simple. We work with passion and engagement, and with our extensive experience, not much can surprise us. You will not find any wooden or gloomy people in our office, which, apart from the fleet and responsibility, is our company’s best flagship.

We make sure that our drivers represent the company outside it, in accordance with its rules: always clean, always neat, always on time. Our drivers speak at least one foreign language, for better communication when unloading.

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European market

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We have been

For a long time now we have learnt about European communication routes, no matter if they are in sunny Spain, Germany, cold Norway, or hot southern Italy.