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Service expected from a modern European transport company is our priority in Biernat Transport. Our mission is offering the highest quality of services. Competition in our industry is enormous, and yet we have been among the leaders for years.

Your Jumbo Partner in Europe

If you are looking for a stable partner who will safely carry your goods, choose the best possible logistic solutions, and execute full freight forwarding, this is the right place for you.

We have been operating on the market for thirty years. Though it was hard at the beginning, thanks to our efforts to keep the company growing steadily, our engagement, and thought-out decisions, we could spread our wings. Today, we are among European leaders of transport companies with their own JUMBO fleet.

We have designed our own body model, greatly increasing the capacity of one unit.

We have concentrated on quality, high standard of services, but we have not forgotten about the most important thing – our employees, who have been building the brand with us for many years. Thanks to their engagement, good attitude, and eagerness to grow, today we can be an example of a well-operating freight forwarding company.

invaluable industry

international transport and
freight forwarding support

many years of experience
on the European market

multilingual transport
support in the office

availability and professional

knowledge of regulations
and constant development

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Over 30 years in the industry is a very long time. Long enough to experience economic fluctuations, technical problems, everything that is good and that is bad. We have learned that every situation, even a hopeless one, affects our experience.

In our office, there are no stuffed shirts or bureaucrats. We prove that it is possible to offer top knowledge and services while staying humane, sharing one’s positive attitude with customers and partners.

We are the solution to the transport needs of companies which value high-quality services as well as occupational hygiene and esthetics. Start working with a leading freight forwarder!

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We have been with you for over 30 years!

Our business started in 1991. Stanisław Biernat, the company’s founder, had one truck at his disposal. He used it for transporting mostly one company’s goods. It was already then when he knew that his future would look different, and no time should be wasted. He focused on development and consequently worked to pursue his goal.

One crucial decision

On that day, Stanisław Biernat decided that he would work in transport. He vividly remembers it, almost as if it happened yesterday.
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The first truck

Stanisław Biernat buys his first truck—a used one in good condition. This is when the 30-year-long history of Biernat Transport begins.
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Everyday operations

For a longer period of time, Stanisław Biernat’s company has been building its brand, still using only one truck for transporting goods mostly of one local company.
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More customers!

First orders from other companies start to be placed upon recommendation. The company starts to be known for its services, punctuality, and trustworthiness.
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New trucks

The company grows, two new trucks are bought, first employees are hired. At this point, Stanisław is sure that he has made a right decision.
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The purchase of more trucks and the first international routes, mostly to Germany. Stanisław observes that the brand is perceived in a different way abroad.
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More to the West

Two new trucks, selling the well-used, old units. Foreign routes are more frequently in the schedule.
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The brand

Biernat Transport becomes recognizable; customers, both those from Poland and from western countries, start to recommend its transport services with confidence.
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We are growing!

It becomes clearer that the company has grown into a serious freight forwarder. Apart from executing its own transport services, it starts getting transoceanic orders.
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A break from work in Poland—a reorganization in the company. New trucks, electronics, faxes, computers, new employees.
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JUMBO transport?

Another fleet exchange. The fleet is growing, the first thoughts of creating a JUMBO-type platform for transporting greater numbers of products emerge.
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Poland in the European Union

The company has mentally been in the Union for many years now, but this time something has changed for the better, more international, more European.
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JUMBO project!

Hubert Biernat, Stanisław’s son, undertakes to execute a perfect project of a semi-trailer for a JUMBO unit. Fighting for better future starts!
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We have reached the perfection!

After many attempts, the company completes a final project of a JUMBO unit, which, after slight modifications, continues to work perfectly.
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Poland in Schengen

Many hours of halt at the border have come to an end. The end of creative time management. Normality, at last.
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The company officially takes its current colors of azure and blue trucks with a metallic shine. New unit orders.
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The company already has over 60 JUMBO units. There are more orders from Europe than domestic ones, owners receive many customer awards.
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The company decides to grow its brand on the Internet, create a website which presents the quality of the offered transport services.
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A new website

Biernat Transport opens its new website. The company drivers record interesting videos from their routes, orders never end, even in the time of crisis.
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We are well-organized!

We know how to plan transport
so that goods are delivered on time!

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Why us?

Biernat Transport is a company with principles, developed consistently, with its offer tailored to customers’ needs, considering the changing market conditions. We are top players, because we have always been working towards this goal. We are good at what we do, because we have ALWAYS done our best. We are among the leaders, because we have worked for it.

professional freight
forwarding consultants

years on the
European market

units in a fixed
transport dispatch


…and why it is worth it

and neat drivers

It might seem it is a standard rule. We know that is often not the case, that is why we take care that our drivers were the flagship of our company.

modern and ecological,
recognizable fleet

All our units are branded and well-visible from the distance. We have invested in a modern fleet!

full safety
of entrusted goods

We are insured against many factors affecting transport stability. We ensure safety.

perfectly prepared
to any conditions

Sunny Spain, snowy fjords, rainy northern Wales – we are prepared for anything, everywhere!

Fleet and our drivers

The fleet in Biernat Transport is the model of modernity and loading capacity. Our drivers are experienced and qualified; they keep on developing their interpersonal skills. Not only our headquarters, but also our drivers are the flagship of our company. All our field workers have company uniforms, working with right work comfort and proper equipment. Our units are always clean and modern. Our fleet, even if not enormous, is recognizable on European roads and has a positive image.

our drivers know
at least one
foreign language

our drivers are constantly trained
in our headquarters
about new regulations

What matters is only the highest quality of services!

We transport the world!

Top quality of services is crucial for us. Our customers do not choose us for our prices, but because of our experience and attention to detail in transport services. There is also nothing we should be ashamed of in terms of freight forwarding and generally understood logistics; we choose operational models which are the most optimum for the customer. Our customers recommend us further. Thanks to that, we are sure that we perform our work as expected.

With us, you can CARRY MORE

We are the solution to the transport needs of companies which value high-quality services as well as occupational hygiene and esthetics. Start working with a leading freight forwarder!

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Our team

Stanisław Biernat
The owner

Hubert Biernat
The owner

Anna Gräfling
German Market Specialist

Emilia Rajch
Chief Accountant

Joanna Kisielewska
HR Specialist

Katarzyna Kurzylna-Lembicz
Administration Clerk

Joanna Dziaczyńska

Kinga Biernat
Freight Forwarder

Marta Łukasiewicz

Marta Wieczorkiewicz

Mateusz Kaczmarczyk

Anna Babenko

Oleh Berezin

Mariusz Sankowski

Paweł Borkowski

Magda Hinz

Michal Hinz

Aleksandra Uchańska

Marharyta Barabash

Iryna Kolinko


We have been

For a long time now we have learnt about European communication routes, no matter if they are in sunny Spain, Germany, cold Norway, or hot southern Italy.